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oil paintings

song for the mythic hero

the cliches have said it all
but you only heard
what you wanted to hear

and keeping in tune
with the innate
you wait for the outcome

of the dream
come true

then again

and I wonder
where you are and

even now
and after all


love again

  let's intersect surround resonate 
soothe inspire instigate each other

when you think you have run out of  everything
let me be everything else


the natives are not yet restless
the sun rises from the west

we're back in our places
with bright shiny faces
and glasses half full.....
still one cut before the chase

guns inhale smoke and lead
the hero still asleep in bed
dreaming that it's all a dream

and love
standing in the spotlight
has not yet taken
it's final bow.....

ode to SPRING

life spurts
out of the ground

takin' its useless
stupid chances

perfect stranger

i'm the one everyone recognizes
but no one knows

your long lost brother, father, lover

the haunting voice half remembered

bearer of your secret dreams
sharer of your secret soul

the crowd in a face
standing in the place your heart turns

i agree with and understand you
without a word

in quiet communion
our seperate reunion
is our bond


what breadths
of oceans lie between

old men and their memories
young men and their dreams


light moves at a frightening speed
terrifying even it's dearest friends, sometimes

they could never quite understand the recklessness

'you are driving yourself too hard' they would say
when inclined
'you are going where you don't belong
you can't be everywhere at once
settle down
raise lettuce, not dust

light cannot control itself
a mathematically perfect, solidly geometric explosion
victim of it's own freedom

light suceeds because it never looks back

'look out you motherfucker,
watch where you're going' they would say

'too late' the light replied

it's hard to say goodbye

like a splinter
like shrapnel
like something in your eye
like a blister
or a hemmerhoid
it's hard to say goodbye


oh lord
save me from the self
that doesn't know he exists

he finds out with a shock of recognition
as if pulled
from a magicians hat, by his ears

all stagestruck and witless
on judgment day

another day of rain

another day of rain in a rainy season
branches of fruit trees dance seductively
swaying in fleshy joy.
the poppies bow in wet genuflection
nodding their opiate to the gratefull earth.

all swells to the bursting point.....

in the fire
i wait for you

OBVIOUSLY pressed for time....

sorry to be so quick with a rhyme
but i'm pressed for time
and though it's been said
that the road never ends
we all take the bumps
and we all get the bends.
and a bird in the hand
is worth two in the bush,
but it's now on the wing
and i'm in a rush.....

condolences in a 'general store'

it was just the other day
after we were all alive
together last
and i didn't hear till after.....

are you ok?
she lost her best friend
she said
scanning the shelves
for something that could make you understand