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oil paintings

No, not an iced treat, a gliclée is the finest technique for reproducing a painting.

"Giclée is a French slang word for spraying or squirting ink that was coined in the 1990's to describe fine art prints reproduced with large format inkjet printers. Giclée prints have become increasingly popular as the technology and materials improve. Today, giclée is the world's best technique for reproducing original works of art. It has a higher resolution than lithography and a wider color range than a serigraph.

Giclée can capture the color, depth and texture of original works of art by combining high-end photography and high-tech, large scale, inkjet printers with archival inks and the highest quality artist paper or canvas." 

[from website of Lizza Fine Art, 17 2nd Street, Tunkhannock, PA (formerly 155 Bridge Street, Tunkhannock, Pa when we did business with them) ]

Certain of the paintings that have been sold would be available as gliclées if we contact the private owner or if glicées have already been created.  These would include: 

better to rumble like rocks then jingle like jade,
burger bus,
dancing daughter,
deer tree,
doe at twilight (spirit deer),
Pennsylvania landscape on a foggy morning,
soul mate. 

Mainly we just hope you can appreciate Bill's work in this format.  

By the way, Bill rarely ever capitalized anything, and that goes with the title of his paintings.  :)